InfoEncrypt is a simplest way to encrypt your emails, without installing any software, browser extensions or anything. Works for any Email Providers, for GMail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

No Installation

Encryption works in your browser. You or your counterparty don't need to install anything. You just need a modern browser

Any Email Provider

Works for any email provider, for Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail. Any desktop email client.

AES encryption

Uses Advanced Encryption Standard or AES. It's a cipher used by the U.S. government to protect classified information.

How it works?

1. Go to
Open in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended)
2. Enter your email and choose a password
Put a text message for your soon-to-be encrypted email into main text area.
Enter a password that you'll also pass to your counterparty. Choose the password wisely, at least 10 characters long, hard to guess, etc. Only a person who knows this password will be able to decrypt original message.
4. Encrypt message
Press "Encrypt" button, and in a few seconds you'll get your message encrypted using AES cipher, that you could then put into your outgoing email.
5. Send encrypted email
Just copy-paste encrypted result into your email client, a Gmail, etc.
6. Other side decrypt message using Infoencrypt
Receiver uses same principle - copy-paste encrypted email into, set password and click "Decrypt"

Is it safe?

All data is encrypted in your browser (requires a modern browser with JavaScript enabled), so all sensitive information, including your message and password stays on your computer. Emails are encrypted on your computer and decrypted on the other side, and they can’t be read/decrypted without a key if they are intercepted.

Email text is encrypted using one of the best encryption algorithm - AES 128, and service is doing as much as possible to secure your information. See tech details.

Encrypt my email with InfoEncrypt

Works in your browser, compatible with all email providers. And it's free

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